Why Pre Plan?

Why Pre Plan?

REST. ASSURED 事前规划,心无牵挂。


My Life My Choice. Have you done your pre-planning?

Before the Movement Control Order, everyone rushed to stock up on face masks, hand sanitizers, food and even toilet rolls!

We will plan and prepare for almost everything imaginable in life.

But how well are we preparing ourselves for the inevitable? Have you done your pre-planning?

Life is fragile. Everyone who is born comes with an expiration date which can happen at any time. If we expire without pre-planning, what happens then to those we love who are left behind?

What do we leave behind for them?

For a cost as low as a cup of coffee a day, you can start your journey towards total peace of mind.

The benefits of pre-planning
1. Make it easier on your loved ones.
2. Protection against rising costs.
3. Make your own choices.
4. Empower your family to avoid any guess work or dispute as to what your wishes.

Nirvana Asia Group is a world-class, full-fledged integrated bereavement care provider with two decades of experience in memorial park operations. We play a vital role in promoting an important part of our culture concerning funeral rites predominantly in the Malaysian Chinese community. Our bereavement care services available for Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Catholic and or Soka Gakkai.

We live by the “Caring for Life” philosophy and idealize steering the organization ahead. You can always expect a pleasant experience during a critical moment through its professional, detailed, comprehensive and well-acclaimed, one-stop-worry-free funeral services. Whether burial or cremation, our dedicated team will strive to ensure the bereaved family that their loved one is provided with a properly arranged funeral. Respect, love and pride in a rich cultural heritage are important to us and we recognize each life as meaningful and precious.

For details, kindly contact us @ 016 222 0905. Let us help begin this journey together with you and your family.



我的人生我做主。 事前規劃, 你做了嗎?

行動管制前 ,每個人忙於搶購口罩、洗手液、乾糧甚至衛生紙。







富貴集團是一家具有國際水準的全方位殯葬服務企業。我们提供专业的一站式解决方案,包括佛教,道教,基督教,天主教, 创價學會的殯儀服務。让您高枕无忧。


欲知更多詳情請聯繫我们 @ 016 222 0905


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