Burial Plots 福地

Royal Family Burial Plot 家族陵園
Royal Family Burial Plot

Just as falling leaves return to the roots of the tree, the Royal Family Burial Plot is designed to be an eternal home for loved ones to be reunited in rest, as well as to provide future generations to gather in the spirit of reunion and in celebration of family.


Super Family Burial Plot 家族墓園
Super Family Burial Plot

This family memorial plot immortalizes the history of your family, commemorative remarks and any other remarkable accounts of your loved ones. Every family plot showcases the glory of different generations and can be likened to a personal family courtyard that fosters togetherness as you bask in the beauty of the memorial park. Nirvana Memorial Park is not only the eternal resting place that encourages happiness, it also serves as a spiritual sanctuary where fond memories of loved ones may live on in posterity. Gone are the days when people tend to associate a cemetery with the stereotypical sombre setting that implies solemness and mourning. The family plots at Nirvana Memorial Park make a distinction by providing personalized options to suit your desires to create a unique “gallery of art” for your loved ones.


Family Burial Plot 家族福地
Family Burial Plot

Every personalized design conveysa different story worthy of commemoration. It can be likened to a beautiful poem with enduring magnificence. Here, you are greeted with fond memories that recall the interests, personalities and characteristics of your loved ones. Through the beauty of art, the cherished memories of your loved ones come alive instantly in this highly treasured memorial.


Double and Single Plot 標準福地
Double and Single Plot

Nirvana Memorial Park is designed in a harmonious manner with landscaping inspired by its natural surroundings. Picturesque and tranquil, it soothes the soul and calms the heart. For those who find eternal rest here, it is simply an idyllic place to find peace. For the living, its excellent Feng Shui promotes prosperity generation after generation.


Christian Memorial Garden 基督徒墓園
Christian Memorial Garden

Inspired by the ”Kingdom of Heaven”, the Christian Memorial Park is a dignified and elegant eternal resting place for those of the Christian faith.

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Columbarium 骨灰殿

Luxury Columbarium 豪華式骨灰殿
Luxury Columbarium

With a 6-star decoration, the Brahma Palace was built with intricate and beautiful designs With its 6-star design inspired by the Lingshan Brahma Palace in China, the Ming Palace is constructed with delicate and beautiful interiors that warmly welcome visitors. Its spectacular ceiling, intricatete sculptures, elegant murals and warm ambience createa truly remarkable atmosphere that both calms the heart of visitors as well as provide the departed with a serene place of eternal rest.


Modern Columbarium 現代化骨灰殿
Modern Columbarium

The modern columbarium is designed along vibrant artistic lines set admidst an auspicious environment that promotes prosperity. The design conveys the essence of a timeless masterpiece. The rustic pavilions are complemented with minimalist murals, sculptures and paintings. The richly contoured architecture and clean interiors provide a fresh finesse to the overall design. It conjures up an impression of a paradise in line with contemporary ideals.


Ancient Chinese Architecture Columbarium 古鄉式骨灰殿
Ancient Chinese Architecture Columbarium

The multi-million ringgit Oriental Villa is a signature masterpiece of Nirvana Memorial Garden. Built to house the urns of the departed, its elegant and spacious interiors are designed to convey a sense of traditional ancient Chinese opulence. Most importantly, it provides a feeling of dignified peace that your loved ones truly deserve.


Courtyard Columbarium 庭院式骨灰殿
Courtyard Columbarium

The Tang Villa Si He Yuan recalls the traditional “si he yuan” or “courtyard” architectural composition used for residences, palaces and other buildings in ancient China. The composition is not only a unique cultural symbol but also reflects traditional Confucian values and Chinese views of harmony with nature.


Christian Columbarium 基督徒藝術骨灰殿
Christian Columbarium

The artistic Christian Columbarium is a masterpiece of bereavement architecture that is unlike any other. While its unique style exudes a distinctive Christian character, the Christian Columbarium presents the best of both worlds: spiritual comfort and contemporary sensibilities.

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Burial Plot for Urn 骨灰墓地

Burial Plot for Urn

Internment in columbaria is not the only option for those who chose cremation. Zone D of Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam) is the largest burial plot for cinenary urns in Malaysia for those who would like would like to have a traditional burial after cremation. The setting is peaceful and tranquil, and each internment comes with an individual space just like a traditional tomb for the convenience of visiting family members.


NV Seed 龍龜生基園

NV Seed

The auspicious land exudes the mightiness of a dragon while being embraced by vigorous waterways nearby, making it a perfect environment for harnessing good fortune in terms of Feng Shui. It is most appropriate for people looking for career advancement and promoting luck for wealth.

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Ancestral Tablet 神主牌靈位

Ancestral Tablet

Ancestral worship in the form of ancestral tablets is Chinese tradition that dates back to the ancient Shang Dynasty. Ancestral tablets in the past take up the central position at the ancestral altar of traditional Chinese homes. It is a sacred item that represents the virtue of filial piety. The installation of ancestral tablets in Nirvana’s various memorial parks is a good alternative for families who encounter constraints of placing one at home.

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Pet Memorial Garden 寵物墓園

Pet Memorial Garden

Nirvana recognises the special bond people have with their pets and it is with this thought Pet Memorial Garden was established. Set amidst a verdant environment with sublime serenity, this special final resting place offers pet owners plenty of ways in which to celebrate fond memories when the time comes to say farewell to your treasured four-legged friend.

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