October 2021 Great Promotions GRAND DEBUT

October 2021 Great Promotions GRAND DEBUT

Shah Alam Ming Palace 1

Hurry up.. promotion ends 30th October 2021.


Nirvana Centre Kuala Lumpur (Nirvana 2)

NCKL Ancestral Tablet NCKL Block A1-S3 NCKL Block B1 NCKL BlockD2 NCKL Rhyme of Life

A unique Private Memorial Hall in the Heart of Kuala Lumpur

Nirvana Centre KL (NCKL) is strategically located in Kuala Lumpur’s vibrant Golden Triangle. Completed and opened in 2018, the complex consist of a reception lounge, offices, parlours and columbarium halls a main ceremonial temple, event spaces and underground parking spaces.

Perpetual Maintenance Trustee Fund (RHB Trustee) totalling more than RM100 million is the largest trustee fund in Malaysia – Ensures long term follow-through maintenance within Nirvana Asia Group.



Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam)

Shah Alam Ming Palace 1 Shah Alam - Ming Palace 3 Shah Alam Perpetual Garden, Christian Shah Alam Tang Villa 1

A Place to Rest in Peace

In 2008, Nirvana Asia Group set up the Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam) which is the only private memorial park in Shah Alam to fulfil the demand of the growing towns. It is strategically situated in Shah Alam and takes only 15 minutes to access major highways from major cities in Klang Valley (Petaling Jaya, Subang & Klang). Built within this memorial park are the standard double burial plots and the exclusively-designed Tang Villa Si He Yuan wide range of burial products available suit the needs of various non-muslim religions.



Nirvana Memorial Park (Semenyih)

Semenyih Oriental Villa 3 Semenyih Zone Solomon, Christian Semenyih Zone NV-N

Excellent Fengshui – “Green Dragon” on the left and “White Tiger” on the right

Nirvana Memorial Garden is just next to the existing Nirvana Memorial Park. Totalling 209 acres, the Nirvana Memorial Garden is a newly developed memorial park which is only 2 km away form Nirvana memorial Park. It is an environmentally serene burial blessed with great Fengshui, with contemporary design.

This all new memorial park sets a new benchmark for the establishment of a peaceful environment that specific zones catering to Buddhist, Taoist and Christians. Renown Fengshui Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai has high praises for Nirvana Memorial Garden – “Nirvana Memorial Garden, a piece of good Fengshui land gathers wind and energy, complemented by “Green Dragon” on the left and “White Tiger” on the right. It is bound to bring good fortune and blessings for posterity.



Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang)

Klang - Block A Klang - Zone G Klang - Zone L Klang - Zone N

Superb Fengshui to User Generations of Prosperity

The 220-acre Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) distinguishes itself from other with the presence of red and yellow earth, two auspicious characteristics that symbolise prosperity from the perspective of Fengshui.

The land is filled with vibrant Qi which denotes life. Its picturesque landscape and tranquillity gives it further distinction, making it an ideal final resting place. The memorial park presents a harmoniums setup that invigorates all within. It is indeed the ideal place that brings peace to all who find eternal rest here while ushering in generations of prosperity for descendants.

Nirvana Memorial Park (Klang) is surrounded by lush rolling hills with waterways in the front and supported by gentle mountains and protected by strong Green Dragon and White Tiger embraces on both sides, making it a truly ideal memorial park blessed with excellent Fengshui.



Nirvana Memorial Park (Ipoh)

Ipoh - Eternal Garden 2 Ipoh Forget Me Not A Ipoh - Paradise Valley Forget Me Not Ipoh Zone Nirvana Garden 1



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