Shah Alam Memorial Park 富贵山荘(莎亚南)

A Place to Rest in Peace

In 2008, Nirvana Asia Group set up the Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam) which is the only private memorial park in Shah Alam to fulfil the demand of the growing towns. It is strategically situated in Shah Alam and takes only 15 minutes to access major highways from major cities in Klang Valley (Petaling Jaya, Subang & Klang). Built within this memorial park are the standard double burial plots and the exclusively-designed Tang Villa Si He Yuan wide range of burial products available suit the needs of various non-muslim religions.

Nirvana Memorial Park (Shah Alam) is set amidst lush greenery offering a serene and peaceful place to conduct funeral ritual and t remember our departed loved one.


Promotions for Shah Alam

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