Nirvana Memorial Garden 富贵山荘

Excellent Fengshui – “Green Dragon” on the left and “White Tiger” on the right

Nirvana Memorial Garden (Semenyih) is just next to the existing Nirvana Memorial Park. Totalling 209 acres, the Nirvana Memorial Garden is a newly developed memorial park which is only 2 km away form Nirvana memorial Park. It is an environmentally serene burial blessed with great Fengshui, with contemporary design.

This all new memorial park sets a new benchmark for the establishment of a peaceful environment that specific zones catering to Buddhist, Taoist and Christians. Renown Fengshui Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai has high praises for Nirvana Memorial Garden – “Nirvana Memorial Garden, a piece of good Fengshui land gathers wind and energy, complemented by “Green Dragon” on the left and “White Tiger” on the right. It is bound to bring good fortune and blessings for posterity.

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