Funeral Service Package – NV Honour

NV Honour

A hint of melancholy, A trace of sadness, a loving tribute, A wishful thought even in sorrow.

Our Services

We advice, arrange and supervise funeral arrangements covering all aspects with staff support. We dedicate our diligence from the beginning through to the funeral day and any further help required thereafter

Sample photos


All photo are for reference only / 所有圖片僅供參考。
Terms & Conditions apply / 附帶條件與規則。
Flowers and decorative accessories shown are for illustration purpose only / 所展示的鮮花和裝飾配件僅供參考而已。
Pre-Need package can only be used 30 days after purchase date.
Within 35km from HQ only


FSP Comparison – Chinese (Buddhist)

FSP Comparison – English (Buddhist)

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